Our School

Vision Statement

At Rush Strong School, we are committed to the continued focus on collaboration and the highest levels of teaching and learning, where:


  • Demonstrate academic fluency across the curriculum while taking ownership of their social and academic behavior; and
  • Develop independence through perseverance and problem solving which will lead to lifelong learning and productive citizenship.
  • Demonstrate academic and behavioral responsibility through their daily dialogue, performance, and actions.


  • Provide a culture of unity that reaches a personal and professional level;
  • Have an understanding that flexibility, a growth mindset, and adaptiveness help make all students successful; and
  • Create developing and life-long learners by using best practices.
  • Share their best practices with each other.
  • The school: operates in an atmosphere of positive collaboration and trust; provides an equitable learning experience, with differentiated instruction and high expectations for all;
  • Incorporates a school-wide (pre K- 8) behavior plan that holds all students to high expectations and provides fair rewards and consequences:
  • Sets a high standard of excellence, academic and otherwise, for the future.

Parents and Community:

  • Communicate with educators to promote students' academic, behavioral, and emotional well-being;
  • Establish a state of interconnectedness with school officials, so as to help promote school goals and objectives; and
  • Are involved and supportive in all facets of Rush Strong school, including academics, athletics, and scholastic activities.