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District Leadership Team

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Jefferson County Schools Teachers of the Year!

Teacher of the Year Video 2024 by Amy Sharp

District Level Teachers of the Year

Heidi Booker

ESL, White Pine School

Brandie Conrad

4th Grade, White Pine School

Hillary Love

Jefferson County High School

Building Level Teachers of the Year

Dandridge Elementary

Darla Lewis

Jefferson Academy

Veronica Whitton

Jefferson Co. High School

Hillary Love

Jefferson Elementary

Kelly Calzadilla

Jefferson Middle

Maggie Reed

Mt. Horeb Elementary

Casey Green

Maury Middle

Becky MaGaha

New Market Elementary

Kelly Lemmons

Piedmont Elementary

Donna Dobyns

Rush Strong School

Cheryl Fields & Melissa Aaron 

Talbott Elementary

Donna Humphrey

White Pine School

Heidi Booker & Brandie Conrad

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