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orange basketball with black striping
Karen Smith

Schedule for the Tommy Bettis Memorial Basketball Tournament


Tommy Bettis Memorial Tournament


                           Thursday October 20th


                                    4:30pm            (Girls)               Sevierville @ White Pine

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               Sevierville @ White Pine

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               New Center @ Jefferson

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               New Center @ Jefferson


                           Friday October 21st


                                    4:30pm            (Girls)               Northview @ Rush Strong

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               Northview @ Rush Strong                   

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               Carter @ Maury

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               Carter @ Maury


                           Monday October 24th


                            4:30pm            (Girls)               Jefferson @ White Pine                                    

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               Jefferson @ White Pine

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               New Center @ Sevierville

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               New Center @ Sevierville


                           Tuesday October 25th


                                    4:30pm            (Girls)               Rush Strong @ Carter

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               Rush Strong @ Carter

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               Northview @ Maury

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               Northview @ Maury



                                    Thursday October 27th


                                    4:30pm            (Girls)               White Pine @ New Center

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               White Pine @ New Center

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               Sevierville @ Jefferson

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               Sevierville @ Jefferson



                                    Friday October 28th


                                    4:30pm            (Girls)               Carter @ Northview

                                    5:40pm            (Boys)               Carter @ Northview

                                    6:50pm            (Girls)               Maury @ Rush Strong

                                    8:00pm            (Boys)               Maury @ Rush Strong



                                     Championship Saturday October 29th


                                    9:00am                        Girls’ 7th Place Game

                                    10:15pm                      Boys’ 7th Place Game

                                    11:30pm                      Girls’ 5th Place Game

                                    12:45pm                      Boys’ 5th Place Game

                                    2:00pm                        Girls’ 3rd Place Game

                                    3:15pm                        Boys’ 3rd Place Game

                                    4:30pm                        Girls’ Championship Game

                                    5:45pm                        Boys’ Championship Game



*Home team is listed last, in Bold, and will wear white/home uniforms*

**Sevierville boys will play the 9:00 game**